Your body is the guiding principle.

Many mattresses currently available on the Internet and in stores claim to be able to do everything. By this logic, people from 50 to 140 kg in weight can use one and the same mattress to equally ideal effect. When more closely examined, however, there is no “one” mattress for everybody. Particularly when it comes to sensitive sleepers or people with health issues, this supposedly “simple” approach rarely provides a solution.

What makes a mattress from Vitario unique is that it is customised to fit your body before purchase yet still remains adaptable. The positioning and firmness of each of the up to 24 support elements as well as the upper layers can be freely customised. The best results are achieved when slatted frames and pillows are also designed in such a way that they increase the efficiency of the mattress.

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Which mattress does my body need?

The answer to this is a mattress that quite literally “fits you”, because every body has different requirements regarding its sleep environment. When it comes to supporting the body and consequently health, there is ultimately no way around consideration of physical conditions such as height, weight and proportions.

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The Ergo-Profiler works out your ideal mattress.

The Ergo-Profiler developed at the Salzburg Medical Center does exactly as the name implies. It ergonomically simulates the body profile and the lying pressure exerted in detail. While the Ergo-Profiler looks like a mattress, it is actually a sensitive measuring device that consists of pressure sensors, targeted controllable air chambers and specially developed configuration algorithms

Quality that stands the test.

For over 20 years, Vitario has been synonymous with excellent quality of products and advice