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The Ergo-Profiler.

Measurement on the Ergo-Profiler – the key to a mattress that’s a perfect fit.

Simple but crucial. The three steps to your Vitario mattress.

Measurement on the Ergo-Profiler only takes a few minutes. Neither getting changed nor any other special preparations are necessary.

Vitario Institut Proschlaf Parallax

The Ergo-Profiler developed by the

Proschlaf Institute

The Ergo-Profiler from the Proschlaf Institute at the Salzburg Medical Center is the result of long-term research and development work, with the goal to make a bed system that provides a physiologically correct sleep position easily available.

Specialised research institute for physiologically correct sleeping

The Proschlaf Institute considers acting as a link between the medical-scientific world on the one hand and the executive companies on the other its primary mission. For its achievements to date in generating new application and process technologies in the design of sleep environments, the Proschlaf Institute has been awarded with two innovation prizes from the Austrian state Salzburg. Overall medical management is the responsibility of senior consultant Dr Andreas Kainz D.O.

The quality of a night’s sleep is strongly correlated to the physical environment. This also means the mattress and headrest. Mechanically negative influences do not only lead to sleep being made uneasy and therefore substantially disturbed, but also expose body parts like spinal discs, muscles and ligaments to additional strains that can strongly impair people’s condition and well-being, and consequently their capabilities. Despite good diagnostic and therapeutic developments in medicine, spine and motor system disorders have seen a steady increase – a real health problem for our society.

From a holistic point of view, all available mechanical means that have a regenerating effect on the spine during sleep at night should be considered – this means the bed systems. A physiologically correct, properly configured bed should therefore be integrated in the big medical picture now more than ever.

Every person is different

Vitario and the Proschlaf Institute

Your ergo-profile is as individual as your fingerprint. To meet the resulting demands, Vitario has been using the Proschlaf Institute’s ergonomically tested mattress technology for over 15 years.