like no other.

Fit for life. Fit for your body. From Vitario.

Each person is different.
Each individual Vitario mattress is too.

What makes a mattress from Vitario unique is that it is customised to fit your body before purchase yet can be adapted at any time. The positioning and firmness of each of the up to 24 support elements as well as the upper layers can be freely customised. The best results are achieved when the slatted base and the pillow are also designed in such a way that they increase the efficiency of the mattress.

Your body is the guiding principle.

No matter which Vitario model you choose

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Because things change.

Vitario mattresses can be easily adjusted at any time. This becomes particularly important if physical circumstances change. Changes in the working environment or muscular load, weight changes, an age-related higher sensitivity or physical changes during pregnancy – all of these changes also change the required performance of the mattress for your body.

Always there for you and your sleep.

Sleep-Consultants, Physiotherapists and specialised Vitario stores.

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