A customised haven of peace for even more sleep comfort.

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Lying simulator and flattop support technology – the reliable way to the right mattress.

The starting point for every VitarioComfort mattress is a lying pressure measurement on the lying simulator. With literally a press of a button, the lying simulator replicates the determined mattress support profile so that the bed system that has been individually tailored to one's own physique can be tested for comfort and ergonomic suitability in the studio.

VitarioComfort is based on the Proschlaf Institute’s patented flattop support technology, winner of Salzburg's prize for innovation. Each of the 24 flattop supports can be individually adjusted in up to seven different levels of firmness. The flattop support technology has been developed by physiotherapists and Austrian sleep experts from the Proschlaf Institute at the Salzburg Medical Center, and is a further development of the Proschlaf roller technology. Unlike support rollers, the stamp-like shape of the support elements provides an additional cushioning zone between the upper and base layers. Furthermore, additional transverse air channels arise between the support modules, resulting in proper ventilation all around the mattress.

Always customisable thanks to the modular design

With VitarioComfort, neither the upper layers nor the individual support elements of the mattress are stuck to the extra-thick base layer. As such, they can be changed or replaced even years later. This makes the bed system last even longer, and it is also important if body changes over time impose altered support requirements for the bed system.

Emc®xd, visco-elastic memory foam and silky smooth Tencel natural fibres – best quality with materials and finishing.

Our recommendation for the upper layer is emc®xd quality foam. emc®xd combines all requirements made of a modern foam material, and can truly be called the king of foam. emc®xd is exceptionally stable with regard to keeping shape, and has perfect pressure distribution as well as high breathability. Independent testing has concluded that it is also extremely resistant against moisture. The upper layer is equipped with a special honeycomb-shaped cut that ensures even the uppermost layer of your mattress is already forming to suit your body.

The upper layer can be topped with a visco-elastic Ice Topper made of memory foam. This ensures that the mattress almost literally melts to the body.

VitarioComfort mattress- and pillowcases contain over 50% breathable and moisture-regulating Tencel natural fibre. The fibre is known for its particularly smooth structure, which gives the surface a silky touch and prevents irritation of the skin.

Includes VitarioCare advice and follow-up support.

Right after receiving the mattress, every VitarioComfort user can access the VitarioCare service website. VitarioCare can also be used by phone. The VitarioCare service team is part of the Proschlaf Institute in the Salzburg Medical Center and is able to draw upon over ten years of experience in sleep consultation and support.

Advantages of VitarioComfort:
  • Customised to fit your body, always adaptable
  • Full customisation of all areas thanks to original Proschlaf flattop support technology
  • Choice of highly elastic upper layers (e.g. EMC-XD)
  • Porous cell structure for high breathability
  • Removable cover with thermal control band
  • Includes VitarioCare advice and follow-up support
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