Actively support your back.

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Entry model with added ergonomic value

We describe the Vitario ERGO4 mattress as our entry model, yet you can also enjoy the important advantages of a customisable mattress with this model variant. The high-quality foam base layer is available in three levels of firmness. The mattress ergonomically represents seven areas, with special focus on the specially designed shoulder area and an individually adjustable lumbar vertebra area (lumbar lordosis).

Includes unique active lumbar support and VitarioCare

The freely configurable active lumbar support in up to six different levels of firmness relieves the lumbar spine, which is particularly susceptible to back pain. Linear and cross grooves on the mattress surface ensure smoother adaptation to your body and a stronger ventilation of the core. The Proschlaf Institute’s VitarioCare service is another advantage of getting the ERGO4, and is available by telephone.

Advantages of Ergo4:
  • With seven zones and adjustable active lumbar supports
  • Core made of high-quality EMC cold foam
  • Active lumbar supports for ergonomically correct lying in six different levels of firmness
  • Porous cell structure for high breathability
  • Removable cover with thermal control band
  • Includes VitarioCare advice and follow-up support (by phone)
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